The Scariest Corn Maze in Canada

octThe Scariest Corn Maze in CanadaMaan Farms

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Prepare to be scared!!

Maan Farms presents the Scariest Corn Maze, featuring:

Slaughterhouse: a horrifying labyrinth where Agatha’s dark magic has turned a once tranquil cornfield into a relentless journey into terror.

The Way Down, The Hooded Haunt: enter Agatha’s Nightmare at the Hawthorn Caves, a multisensory hellscape where hidden horrors await and your only guides are touch and intuition.

Homestead, A Journey Into Horror Theatre:  Step into  Homestead, where Agatha’s curse and Alistair’s dark arts plunge you into a sensory nightmare. Here, survival is an act of will in a chilling, immersive experience where hope is your only guide.

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Month Long Event (october)


Maan Farms

790 McKenzie Road

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