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Soar high above Abbotsford and take in the views, or stay grounded and indulge in our homegrown flavours and stories. The wide-open spaces are expecting you.
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A Cultivated

Abbotsford is where farm meets table, spirit meets nature, and travellers meet our cultivated city.  Come for the eats, the arts, and the backwood trails. Come for adventures, experiences, and for moments you’ll take with you wherever you’re headed to next.

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Our local businesses are what make up the fabric of our handmade and homegrown community. From our farmers and artisans to our brewers and merchants, the people bring to life our cultivated city with down-to-earth hospitality.
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The BC Bird Trail Takes Flight!

Abbotsford’s abundance of pristine park space has long been attractive to outdoor enthusiasts for activities ranging from mountain biking to fishing. But there’s another user group that call Abbotsford’s outdoors home: rare birds. With its fields, forests, wetlands and mountains Abbotsford has a range of habitats that makes it the perfect place […]