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Take a Coffee Tour in Abbotsford

July 14, 2022

Abbotsford is home to many coffee shops, and has become a must-stop for coffee lovers in the Fraser Valley and beyond. Three local coffee spots in particular feature pour over coffees, a slower style of brewing which involves pouring hot water over the coffee grounds and letting it pass through a filter. This allows the brewer optimal control over the strength, taste, and flavours of the coffee. 

We went around with a couple local coffee lovers, Alissa and Josh, to sample pour overs made at three different spots: Cafe Amarti, Good Kid Coffee, and Oldhand.

Cafe Amarti

Started by brother and sister duo Jimmy and Kelly Kang in 2016, Cafe Amarti has grown into a go-to spot for baked goods, a chill atmosphere, and locally roasted coffee. 

Location: 3033 Immel St #320

Website: cafeamarti.com

Instagram: @cafeamarti

Here, Alissa and Josh had a pour over made from El Paraiso 92 Gold by Bright Jenny

The tasting notes of this coffee were melted freezies, red Kool-Aid, and grape gummies. Josh and Alissa really enjoyed this roast, describing the flavors as juicy, light, and punchy. Fun fact: this Bright Jenny coffee comes with a custom playlist on the back that you can listen to while you sip!

Good Kid Coffee

Good Kid Coffee, one of Abbotsford’s newer coffee shops, was started by husband and wife Tim and Lisa Rosebush. The great vibes, and even greater coffee, served here quickly garnered them a loyal following.

Location: 1975 McCallum Rd #111

Website: goodkidcoffee.ca

Instagram: @goodkidcoffee

Alissa and Josh ordered a pour over made with Rutuma Ruthagati AA beans, roasted by Monogram Coffee. The origin of these beans is Nyeri, Kenya, and the tasting notes are ruby grapefruit, lime, and cabernet sauvignon. Alissa and Josh described this coffee as having a “good bitterness” making it “earthy” and “juicy.” The grapefruit really came through, and balanced out the darker tones of the roast.

Oldhand Coffee

Kristina and Johannes started Oldhand in Abbotsford to help people in our city “create stronger bonds with their friends and neighbours over artfully prepared food and drink.” Since then, Oldhand has been a staple of the coffee community in Abbotsford.

Location: 2617 Pauline St

Website: oldhandcoffee.com

Instagram: @oldhandcoffee

Here, Alissa and Josh had their pour over made with Kochere, a single origin, Ethiopia roast by Harken Coffee. This light roast coffee has tasting notes of strawberry, grape, and black tea. Alissa and Josh found this coffee very aromatic. The black tea brought out the other flavors, especially the strawberry, making it a nice, sippable coffee.  

If you go on your own coffee tasting tour through Abbotsford, or just pop into one of these great spots for a cup of joe, tag @tourismabbotsford on Instagram. Happy sipping! 

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