Falling for Abbotsford | Cultural Explorer

October 13, 2023

For a Cultural Explorer, Abbotsford is a great place to be this fall! With a plethora of amazing exhibits lined up for the season and other places to visit that are steeped in rich history, there will be no shortage of culture for you to explore in our community. Continue reading to start planning your culturally rich visit!


The Reach has been said to be the cultural heart of the Fraser Valley with its year-round schedule of fascinating exhibitions and programs. And this season, they are introducing five new exhibitions, four of which are coming in mid-October, and the other will begin in November. These exhibitions will deeply explore several cultures of those who reside in the Fraser Valley and bring them to life in beautiful ways for you to explore! Dive into the education and enlightenment as you immerse yourself in these fantastic exhibitions.

Visit them at 32388 Veterans Way


Recognized with the designation of a National Historic Site of Canada, the Gur Sikh Gurdwara (temple) is a place of worship in Abbotsford. This 100+ year old building was built by migrants and is the last standing Sikh temple that was built at that time. This significant piece of Indian history is a must-visit for Cultural Explorers due to the weight that it holds in Abbotsford and Canada’s history.

Visit them at 33089 South Fraser Way


Located right on the edge of Mill Lake Park, this gallery is a great spot to warm up and enjoy some beautiful pieces after taking a stroll in the park. For the month of October, there are two intriguing exhibitions that explore deep topics and will leave you with something to think about after visiting. In November, the gallery will host an exhibition titled “Anonymous Art Show” with all the pieces on display being created anonymously. Learn more about what there is to explore at this studio by clicking the button below.

Visit them at 2387 Ware Street

Ready to dive into our rich history and culture this fall? We can’t wait to see all the beautiful places you go as you see and learn all about what makes up our historical and cultural mosaic. And remember that when you share the pics you’ve taken, be sure to use our hashtag, #ExploreAbbotsford, and tag us in your posts! And if you’re still looking for more to do in Abby, you can learn more about other fall activities below!

Our community truly becomes an autumnal paradise every year! With beautiful colours, glorious nature, countless awaiting adventures, and more, we can almost guarantee that you’ll be Falling for Abbotsford this fall! We have several classic visiting characters that we love to see every year like the Cultural Explorer and many more! Learn about fall in Abbotsford and the other characters of the season by clicking the link below and maybe, you’ll find out which one you are!

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