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A Day in Abby With…@UncleChanEats!

June 8, 2021

Clear eyes, full stomachs, can’t lose: we spent the day eating our way through Abbotsford with local foodie @UncleChanEats and asked him about his hidden gems, what he likes to cook at home, and of course, his recommendations for delicious eats and treats. Have you always been curious about the man behind the ‘gram? Read on to find out more about what a day in Abbotsford looks like for a food lover and local celebrity!

Our first stop was breakfast at Ann Marie’s Café in Historic Downtown. This spot will take you back to simpler times with its 1950s style menu and service. In addition to some of the best breakfast in town you can find all of your diner favourites like handmade burgers and milkshakes!

First, tell us about yourself!

I’m a local food blogger in Abbotsford, I’ve lived most of my life here in Abbotsford. My page is a bit of everything; where to eat, where to buy and what to cook. I enjoy everything food related. From trending recipes to what’s new in store, you’ll find it on my page. With the occasional review of the latest dish or restaurant.

What inspired you to start your Instagram account, @unclechaneats, and can you tell us more about it?

I have been taking pictures of food since the early days of camera phones, whether it be home cooked meals or out at a restaurant. I used to primarily only share them with friends and family. I would continually get questions about past pictures I had shared, until a good friend of mine convinced me to use IG so I could share them with everyone and that way it was available for all to look back at.

What have you learned or discovered since starting your Instagram account?

It is a lot of work! Although I enjoy sharing my experiences, reviews, recipes with everyone it does take some time and effort to maintain the content. Luckily, we all have to eat so there is always content to share. The most difficult thing is probably trying to stay ahead of the curve, sharing new content and exciting foods.

Feedback from my followers is always appreciated and it keeps me going. I try my hardest to reply back to each one of them because if it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t be doing this.

Uncle Chan’s pick for lunch? Chef Boss Culinary of course! This spot opened early 2020 and has quickly became a favourite with people in the know. Their incredible sandwiches are known to sell out, their homemade soup changes each day (spoiler alert: they’re all delicious), and the salad and cookies are the icing on the cake. This unassuming spot on Peardonville Road is a must check out for anyone looking for a fantastic lunch.

What do you love about living in Abbotsford?

What I love about Abbotsford is that you can have the amenities of city life while still being in the country, we definitely have it all out here.  Although Abbotsford continues to grow, the feeling of a community is well recognized throughout.

Tell us why you chose the restaurants we visited today and what you love about them.

So my first reason for choosing all these great restaurants is that I wanted to highlight local restaurants that are bringing delicious and unique food to the community. Another reason is I wanted to select places that were good for outings with the family, with friends or dates. All of these places have delicious food but they also have amazing service, owners and employees that deserve recognition and support. 

Next it was time for an afternoon pick me up. We headed to Good Kid Coffee, one of Abbotsford’s newest coffee shops, for some caffeine and treats. This is a go to spot for cool vibes and really great coffee.

What do you wish others knew about the food scene in Abbotsford?

There are so many other amazing restaurants in Abbotsford in addition to the ones we visited. You can find all different types of cuisine, something you have never tried before, old favourites, farm to table, and more. We have some really passionate chefs and restaurant owners here in Abby who are really killing the food scene. You don’t need to travel far to find great places to eat and drink. Some other spots I recommend are: Nine Downtown Kitchen & Lounge, Bow & Stern, Brodeur’s Bistro, Afterthoughts, Loudmouth Brewing, Oldhand Coffee & Vi-La Palace.

Do you like to do any cooking yourself? If so, what’s your favourite dish to make?

I love cooking! Some of my favorite dishes to make are my smash burgers, my sausage linguine pasta and Greek food!

Describe your perfect day in Abbotsford.

My perfect day would be a sunny day: sit on a patio somewhere and enjoy some good eats and refreshing drinks. Then later in the day head over to the Matsqui Trail Regional Park (under the Abbotsford Mission Bridge) with friends and family and relax around a fire. With some snacks of course!

For dinner we headed to the famous Greek Islands. With two locations this has become an Abbotsford staple when you are looking for delicious food, large portions, or to celebrate a special occasion. The staff here will make you feel like family with a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Tell us the hidden gem in Abbotsford you think more people need to know about.

Ripples Winery at Woodbridge Ponds (aka The Secret Garden & New Wave Distillery), although they have become more popular over the last year many people are unaware of this winery & distillery. They serve up some great charcuterie boards paired with some tasty drinks in such a unique environment.

Sweet or salty?

Definitely sweet! I am surprised I do not have cavities!

On that note, it was time for dessert! We headed to the newly opened Banter Ice Cream, just off of Jubilee Park. With a rotating list of unique and delicious flavours Banter will keep you coming back for more. Grab a cone and enjoy their patio or go for a stroll around the park!

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